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Understanding and Navigating the Alli Platform
Understanding and Navigating the Alli Platform
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You can use the side menu or the site dashboard to check your keyword rankings performance at any time.

Alli tracks and updates your rankings daily and will show your full ranking history. If you want to edit your keyword - like change the country, language or location - just click on the pencil icon to visit the edit keyword page.

By clicking on the keyword link, you can see each keyword's dashboard. There you'll find everything you need to know about your keyword: your rankings history, your recommendations, your optimization progress, plus value and traffic estimates. If you want to check for new tasks for this keyword, simply press the Refresh Tasks button.

If Alli hasn't checked your keyword yet, just click the Find Tasks button to make it your Focus Keyword. From the side menu, you can jump around to the different task types as well as your site and keywords dashboards.

You can also jump to the other sites you are optimizing with Alli. You can add new sites anytime using the left menu and new keywords anytime. Just use the left menu or the keywords dashboard. Alli will even recommend certain keywords for you!

Got a team? Invite your friends and colleagues by clicking "Invitations" under the Team side menu.


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