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How to Change Your Ranking URL
How to Change Your Ranking URL
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Normally, Alli picks up your highest ranking URL from Google and uses that URL for keyword tracking and optimization.

Of course, there are plenty of cases in SEO where you might want to pick your own URL which isn't the highest ranked URL for that keyword…

And now you can =)

To set a custom URL for any keyword, just click the "Edit" button on the Keyword table under the "Manage" header (it looks like a pencil).


On the next page you can set a custom URL until your little heart's content.

Just look under the "Edit Details" sub-header. There you'll see a "Ranking URL" field.


Just enter your URL, then click "Update Keyword", and Alli will now track your rankings and assign tasks for that keyword for that URL only.

Anytime you change a URL, we'll also update all of your tasks for that keyword with the new URL!

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