At this point, you may now know that Alli will help select your first Focus Keyword from the get-go BUT what happens when you change it?

The initial Focus Keyword is chosen by our algorithm.

The Focus Keyword is designed to target the keyword which will give you the biggest traffic increase, the fastest; however, you can change the Focus Keyword at any time to whatever you want it to be.

The initial Focus Keyword was for the initial Ranking URL you want to rank for that keyword. By default, Alli selects the highest Ranking URL for your initial Focus Keyword in Google, however you can specify a Ranking URL for your keyword at any time.

At the same time, Alli has tailored recommendations and tasks you may have done applied to your website.

However, once you have changed your Focus Keyword, Alli in turn will tailor new recommendations and manual tasks. All of the changes will be for whichever Ranking URL you want to rank for that keyword. Alli will then give you On-Page tasks and Backlink possibilities for that keyword.

Okay, that's the most of it! Good luck!

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