Yes! Alli supports all human languages.

However, with few exemptions on domains with characters from non-Roman alphabets, TLD's such as .рф, .中国, .みんな, and keywords with non-Roman alphabets.

So, to specify the language that Alli will work for your site, you can select your country, the language to use and a URL to track and optimize. If you don't specify a URL, Alli will use the highest-ranking URL in Google for your keyword. If you choose to modify your focus keyword, ranking URL, and keywords you can do this anytime as you prefer.

Step 1. Add your site’s URL

Step 2. Select your country and language

Step. 3 Add your keywords

Moreover, with your chosen Focus Keyword and Ranking URL, Alli will be optimizing your site and provide On-page SEO and Off-page SEO Recommendations that you may review and approve. Your approved recommendations will be live in minutes and view these with a “highlight” tool within the Alli AI dashboard.

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