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How to install Alli snippet in Typo3 CMS
How to install Alli snippet in Typo3 CMS
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We've gathered "the essentials" of ways you can install your Alli snippet on your Typo3 website. Depending on the Typo3 version (and template used), here are the options you can try at the backend of your website.

  1. HeaderData TypoScript

  2. IncludeJS TypoScript

  3. Extbase AdditionalHeaderData

  4. Extbase AssetCollector

    Rendering Order of Assets in TYPO3

    From v10.3, CSS and JavaScript registered with the AssetCollector will be rendered after their PageRenderer counterparts. The order is

    1. <head>

    2. page.includeJSLibs.forceOnTop

    3. page.includeJSLibs

    4. page.includeJS.forceOnTop

    5. page.includeJS

    6. AssetCollector::addJavaScript() with ‘priority’

    7. page.jsInline

    8. AssetCollector::addInlineJavaScript() with ‘priority’

    9. </head>

    10. page.includeJSFooterlibs.forceOnTop

    11. page.includeJSFooterlibs

    12. page.includeJSFooter.forceOnTop

    13. page.includeJSFooter

    14. AssetCollector::addJavaScript()

    15. page.jsFooterInline

    16. AssetCollector::addInlineJavaScript()

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With either of the above-listed options open on your web browser, you would want to open a new window or tab and login to your Alli dashboard to grab a copy of the JavaScript snippet.

...And then just paste it for the appropriate option! That's it. Alli is now installed. =)

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