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How to export keyword reports?
How to export keyword reports?
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We heard it from you, and now we've added the new 'Reports' feature in your Alli dashboard.

Simply click a button to export a CSV file of all keywords, rankings, including all data and history.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Login to your Alli AI dashboard

  2. Click a site (if you are optimizing multiple sites)

  3. On the left-hand section, you'll find the 'Reports' submenu. Hover your mouse to the down arrow and click 'Keyword Export'.

  4. On the next page, click the blue button that says, "Run New Export" (#1). This will prepare the CSV file in a few minutes.

  5. Once your CSV file is ready, you'll see a download icon on the right-hand side (#2), click that and a copy will be saved on your computer.

    If the file doesn't show in a few minutes, simply refresh the page once the report is processed to download the file.

That's it! We're glad to have heard of your feature suggestion! So, feel free to let us know and we'd be happy to oblige! Cheers! 🙂

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