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How to exclude Alli AI's crawler traffic from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Reports
How to exclude Alli AI's crawler traffic from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Reports
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To monitor the "real" traffic of your site from human visitors, you can set a filter on your GA4 Reports to exclude traffic from the Alli AI crawler in your Google Analytics Data. This will unfortunately be filtering all traffic from Columbus Ohio, US but this is the best solution we have for now.

To accomplish this, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to your reports.

  2. Click on the All Users button at the report's top.

3. In the filter builder, choose to Exclude the data.

4. In the Dimension drop-down, choose Region.

5. In the Dimension Values field, choose Ohio.

6. Click Apply.

7. Now you will be able to view the “real” traffic of your website.

Point to note: If you close the browser window with GA4 and then open GA4 later, your comparisons will be gone, and you will have to recreate them.

How to exclude Alli AI's bot traffic from GA4 Explorations

  1. Navigate to Explorations.

  2. You can either create a new exploration or edit your existing explorations.

  3. In the Variables column, click the + icon next to Dimensions.

  4. Click on Geography first and select Region.

5. Click Import from the top right-hand corner.

6. Now, in the Tab Settings column, scroll down and click on the Filters section.

7. Select Region from the popup.

8. From the filter dropdown, select does not contain.

9. Type in Ohio in the next field and select Ohio from the popup.

10. Click Apply.

Now your explorations are ready to be used without the Alli AI crawler traffic.

We are working on better solutions, but are currently limited by Google unfortunately removing a number of the filtering options from Google Analytics.

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