Here's a way to check if your installed Alli snippet API is working on your site and your approved SEO recommendations are live.

1.) Visit your website

2.) If you're using a Chrome browser, do a right-click (mouse) at the top (or anywhere on your site) and click 'Inspect'.

(Right-click on your mouse - click Inspect)

(If 'Inspect' is not visible, you may need to activate 'Developer Tools' in your browser settings.)

A window will pop out, select 'Network' at the top menu.

3.) Just right below the menu, you'll find a 'filter' bar and type in:

"alli" - to confirm if the snippet is installed on your site

"recommendations" - to check if the installed Alli snippet API is working on your site, and the approved Recommendations are live.

(Go to Network, type in alli.)

(Go to Network, type in recommendations)

4.) Right under that section, this tool will show three items - "v1.js", "page", and "site".

(If you're not seeing these right away, you would want to refresh the page, a simple CMD-R or CTRL-F5 will do the trick.)

"v1.js" - links to the installed Alli snippet API

"page" - shows the live recommendations on your website pages

If the above three items aren't showing after you refresh your page, feel free to contact Alli AI customer support for further assistance.

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